Jan 10, 2009


Name: Peter Andrew Goodwin
Occupation: Vice President, Steelewood Industries PMC
Marital status: Widowed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gray
Height: 6'1”
Weapon of Choice: Colt Officer's ACP M1911A1
Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Peter Goodwin led a career in the military before the zombie outbreak. He reached the rank colonel in the United States Army and held a reputation for ruthlessness. He served in both Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, his service ending when the United Sates itself dissolved. All of the units under his command fell to the zombies. With nowhere to go, Goodwin found a way to make the best of his particular skill set: Steelewood Private Military Corporation.

When Steelewood began, their immediate goal was to bring order to the crazed world, by this, of course, they meant that their objective was to secure as much power as possible. Using their already large military resources, they provided security for several of the world's largest remaining cities. From there, they slowly grew as the dominating world force. Goodwin started out as nothing more than a unit commander, but rose in the ranks as his corporation grew.

His rise in power can be attributed to the success of another: Isadora Fleming. Isadora started out as a senior agent in Steelewood intelligence branch, but played the game well enough to eventually become Steelewood's president and CEO. Soon in Goodwin's career at Steelewood, he was placed in one of their special operations branches and took orders from Isadora. They became allies.

When Goodwin became too old to effectively lead soldiers, he was moved to the training institution. After a few months, Isadora gave him the special assignment of training her own son. She supervised the training, but it was Goodwin who gave Sergei the brunt of his long, grueling instruction. Sergei came out better for it as Steelewood's top operative. No other assassin could best Sergei Fleming.

Goodwin grew tired of the military and transferred to the corporate division of Steelewood. Isadora welcomed the chance for an old ally to sit on the board and brought him in. Within a year, he managed to rise in the ranks to become vice president.

But Peter Goodwin does not intend to stop there....

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