May 31, 2010

Meet the Crew: Liam Mitchell

This is actor Norman Reedus. Contrary to almost every other profile, you need to picture him younger.

Name: Liam Henry Mitchell
Alias: None
Occupation: Crewman aboard the S.S. Holdsworth
Marital status: Single
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red/blond
Height: 5'10”
Weapon of Choice: FN SCAR-L, Springfield XD
Hometown: S.S. Holdsworth

Liam was born two years after Emma. Right way, his parents, Hank and Lena, noted that Liam was substantially quieter than his sister, Emma. As he grew older, they also figured out that Liam was the smarter and more cunning of the two. Where Emma would take a direct approach to a problem, Liam would try to work his away around it.

When given toys, Liam always picked an unorthodox way of playing with them. He would either take the toy apart or he would find a different use for it. Liam was also always very resourceful. Grounding him proved to be impossible as he constantly had some ace up his sleeve.

While Liam was given basically the same training as Emma, his skills and interests differed. Where Emma found joy in shooting guns, Liam found his fun in repairing them. In fact, fixing things became Liam's hobby and passion. He learned computer programming and mechanics. The Holdsworth frequently relies on his skill with all things mechanical.

Despite the fact that he is younger, Hank always saw Liam as the natural heir to the captain's chair of the Holdsworth. Unlike Emma, Liam is not a hothead and always showed himself to be a much better leader. If anyone was ever a voice of reason on the Holdsworth, it's Liam.

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