May 25, 2011


Welcome to Zombie a Week 2: Blood Line!

About a year ago, I had this zany idea for an online serial about zombies. I looked at the ever-popular zombie genre and saw something drowning in its own cliches. I noticed that it was rapidly becoming impossible to create zombie fiction without also making it a parody; unintentional or otherwise. I challenged myself, therefore, to write something in that same dying genre that would stand out and be different from the rest. I believe that I succeeded.

The original Zombie a Week was not a survival story. It was not about a group of people holing themselves up in a mansion/mall/whatever in a doomed effort to survive. It was not about a group of nomadic everymans who are the last people on earth. It was not the guy who's secretly been hiding the fact that he's been bit. It was not about the one man who is right at home in the middle of the end of the world. It was not about a group of people being overrun by things completely out of their control.

That last one was my focus. I wanted to write a story where they can do something about it, where they can take charge and maybe, just maybe win. Zombie a Week is not a survival story. Zombie a Week is a story about heroism, about resolve, about faith and God, about change, and about revenge. That's right. Zombie a Week is, at its heart, a story of vengeance and reciprocity.

And there's more to it than that. I wanted to make a zombie flick with real depth; something that had real meaning to it. I don't know how successful I was in doing in that, but I think I met my own reasonable expectations.

When I started Zombie a Week, there was no outline. I just started writing. Eventually, about halfway through, I wrote an outline. When that outline was finished, when I written down a good enough conclusion, I realized that I had just opened the doors for a sequel. There was a whole new world to explore. Less than one percent of the world had survived. So... what happens next?

I don't want to give away any of the plot here. You'll have to check out everything else. There's a summary of the first Zombie a Week you can check out, but I recommend reading the whole serial novel instead. Zombie a Week 2 starts on Wednesday, June 1st, so don't miss it!

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