May 27, 2010


Felicia Day again. Just picture her much older.

Name: Lena Sandburg Mitchell
Occupation: First mate and helmsman of the S.S. Holdsworth
Marital status: Married
Eyes: green
Hair: graying red
Height: 5'5”
Weapon of Choice: None
Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

A tried and true product of the southern United States, Lena stands unique. For a time, she was pilot of Air Force One and was darn good at it. When doomsday struck, she found herself in the middle of it all. Lena wanted nothing more than to pursue her simple dreams as a pilot, but duty called.

She married Hank after a rather strange quest to bring the person responsible for the apocalypse to justice and together they purchased the Holdsworth. They set out on an adventure to deliver to the world an inoculation for the zombie serum. During this journey, they had two children together, Emma and Liam.

Lena, thanks to her piloting and navigation skills, rapidly learned how to helm a ship. She was the natural choice for ship's helmsman. And because of her co-owned status of the Holdsworth, and being the captain's wife, she was also the natural choice for first mate.

Lena is very opposite her husband. She does not like confrontation and will avoid it all costs. She enjoys doing quiet things and is most relaxed when she is playing her violin or helming the ship. Unlike her husband, she is more sympathetic and more of a thinker. With that in mind, Hank always seeks her input on decisions. She is very caring for her family. The crew frequently turns to Lena when Hank is too stern or they simply want a favor.

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