Jun 19, 2010


This is actor John Billingsley. Perfect!

Name: Dr. Ernst Lorentz
Occupation: Doctor aboard the S.S. Holdsworth
Marital status: Widowed
Eyes: brown
Hair: gray
Height: 5'10”
Weapon of Choice: Scalpel
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Lorentz is one of the few remaining skillful surgeons left in the world. He had many years of experience working hospitals in Germany and when doomsday struck, he found himself widowed and out of a job. Immediately, he set up a free medical clinic and tried to help, but found it difficult to reach many patients. When the Holdsworth eventually found him, he instantly signed on. Finally, he found purpose in life. Through the Holdsworth, Lorentz reached more patients than he ever had in his life.

Once the Holdsworth had finished administering and distributing the inoculation to Serum-349, Dr. Lorentz chose to stay aboard as the ship's doctor. He had grown to thoroughly enjoy the nomadic way of the sailor.

While Lorentz is easily the most polite person aboard the Holdsworth, he is very assertive and stops at nothing for his job. He often finds himself the butt end of jokes and is disliked by both Mitchell siblings. In general, however, he is quite well-liked by the crew.

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