May 29, 2010


This is my friend Katie, who generously volunteered to play Emma in a promotional shoot we did for the site! She's awesome.

Name: Emma Neeson Mitchell
Occupation: Crewman aboard the S.S. Holdsworth
Marital status: Single
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Red
Height: 5'5”
Weapon(s) of Choice: SR-25, TDI Kriss, Taurus PT 24/7
Hometown: S.S. Holdsworth

Of the Mitchell siblings, Emma is the tougher, stronger, more aggressive of the two. She found zombie hunting to be a pleasing pastime and enjoys the action. Emma pushes herself more than any other, partially by a strong desire to prove herself as a woman. Since the Holdsworth is populated mostly by men, it is not easy being a woman.

Emma was born within the first year of the Holdsworth's voyages. Right away, her parents realized that they would have to raise her very differently from how children from old world were brought up. Rather than focusing on the arts and academia, Emma was given a curriculum consisting mostly of the skills necessary for survival in the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Growing up, Emma spent more time with her father, Hank. She was a regular daddy's-little-girl. Emma always had a propensity for shooting guns or kicking down doors. Lena, her mother, would naturally try and stay as close to her daughter as possible. And while they do love one another as family should, the relationship between Emma and Lena was simply not as strong as between Hank and Emma. Lena, in accordance with her personality, always tended to try too hard to get closer to her daughter.

Emma and Liam form an interesting relationship. On the one hand, they are perfect partners in crime and they know it. They are practically inseparable, yet at first glance appear to hate one another. They regularly trade jabs and insults. Their arguments are far from infrequent. Yet, somehow they stay close.

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