May 28, 2010


Again... older.

Name: Isadora Fleming
Nickname: Ice
Occupation: President and CEO of Steelewood Industries PMC
Marital status: Single
Eyes: Cyan
Hair: Graying black
Height: 5'3”
Weapon of Choice: Walther P99 .40 S&W
Hometown: London, UK

Isadora Fleming was the closest person to stopping the zombie apocalypse before it even began. Before the outbreak, she was a cold and ruthless MI-6 agent. She was relentless in pursuing the end and used whatever means necessary to reach that end. In her career, she back-stabbed, betrayed, and killed countless people. Needless to say, she earned her nickname, Ice.

On the journey to bring the doomsday-bringers to justice, she fell in love with Paul Holdsworth. In this relationship, Isadora was impregnated. Paul was killed just days after said impregnation, which catalyzed a change in Isadora. She abandoned her old ways of being a heartless assassin and instead pursued something better.

When the dust began to settle, Isadora took up one last mission. She assassinated one of the leaders - a man named Ernie Hale – of a private military contractor called Stelewood Industries. Other members of Steelewood approached Isadora and offered her Hale's old job. She accepted.

Eventually, she rose in the ranks and took the reigns on the whole company. Because of Steelewood having the world's largest army, she effectively became the most powerful woman in the world. Isadora tries to use her powers for good, but such is not always possible.

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