May 26, 2010

Meet the Crew: Hank Mitchell

Hank is much older this time around. He's in his sixties and has a beard, so change your mental image accordingly. Jeremy Renner is still a good reference though.

Name: William Henry Mitchell
Alias: Hank
Occupation: Captain of the S.S. Holdsworth
Marital status: Married
Eyes: green
Hair: graying dirty blond
Height: 5'10”
Weapon of Choice: HK416
Hometown: Washington, D.C

Before doomsday, Hank Mitchell was a sergeant in the United States Army. He primarily worked as a sort of combat liaison between Steelewood and American ground forces in Iraq. Armageddon finally struck and Hank lost his family. He had been working in the army to support his aging mother and father, who were incapable of supporting themselves. Rather than become one of the horde, they committed suicide. Hank then sought revenge.

Under his leadership, Hank led a team of four others, including a pilot, an assassin, a DHS agent, and a scientist-turned pastor, on a mission to bring whoever did this to justice. They succeeded and even found an inoculation for Serum-349.

A few months after the dust had begun to settle, Hank married the pilot in said team, Lena Sandburg, and together they embarked on a fabulous journey. They bought a handysize cargo ship, named it the Holdsworth (after Paul Holdsworth, a deceased member of their team,) and brought the inoculation to the world.

Hank's new purpose, with the help of Dr. Fujikawa, became to bring back stable communication. Over many years of work, they completed land-lines, but one thing remained: constructing a new trans-Atlantic cable.

Hank is universally respected aboard the Holdsworth. He is more brawn than brains, but his aggressive, stop-at-nothing approach has served them well. If there is a problem, Hank fixes it quickly and directly. At times, the crew gets annoyed with the fact that his wife, Lena, is second in command, and that his two favorite crewmen are his children, but the fact that ship operates so damn well is a testament to his leadership skill.

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