Oct 10, 2010


Name: Sergei Paul Fleming

Alias: The Shadow
Occupation: Private Military Contractor
Marital status: Single
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'
Weapon of Choice: Suppressed Walther P99
Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia

A son? I can't afford to raise a son in a world like this. I can't raise him as a child. He'll be a weapon no matter what it takes,” -- Isadora Fleming

Much like his mother, Sergei Fleming's first calling in life is that of the assassin. Like Liam and Emma, Sergei was given hard training even as a child. Unlike them, however, Sergei was also given a real, classical education. He is well-read, well-versed, yet absolutely deadly. His upbringing consisted almost entirely of training – there was no time for fun. He rarely had the blessing of fun, though he did play games.

All through his childhood, he was given “games,” which were actually nothing more than just ways of hardening Sergei to meet his potential. One of the most frequent games was capture the flag, where Sergei would be dropped alone into the zombie-infested badlands to retrieve nothing more than a tattered black flag. Normally, he would be armed, but not always with a gun. Sometimes he would have little more than a pocket. Other times, Sergei would be completely without the tools to accomplish his goal. Not once was he allowed back without the flag. Through these games, he learned resourcefulness, cunning, and stealth.

When Sergei turned fifteen, his training as an assassin began. On his sixteenth birthday, Sergei made his first human kill, a Steelewood sergeant who sold secrets to rival private military companies. The act of murder shook Sergei and changed him. It was not long, however, before he took his second life. And then his third, and fourth.... Sergei changed from man to weapon.

Sergei's relationship with his mother, Isadora, was a strange one. Sergei's training was given to him by a man named Peter Goodwin, a United States Army colonel who became an executive in Steelewood. Sergei always suspected that Isadora pulled the strings, but could never confirm it. His mother played the part of nurturer in his life. Sergei saw her as the good guy in his life. With that, his loyalty was to his mother and no one else. Sergei was never truly Steelewood's weapon, he was Isadora Fleming's.

At age twenty-one, Sergei's training finally ended. He was given the decision of where to take his life, but all knew there was really one choice for him. Sergei enlisted in Steelewood and was placed in their clandestine operations department in the espionage branch. After a year of exemplary service, Isadora pulled Sergei out of regular duty and took him full time as her personal agent. For his mother, Sergei carried out dozens of top secret operations around the world.

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